Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

So true....

Yeah, I remember when my pet fish plugged his first tv set in. But seriously, this was a well done cartoon. I laughed each of the five times i watched it. Good job. I hope to see more.


Very Ren & Stimpy-ish. Simple but very good for Flash. Where'd you find all those sound FX, or did you make them yourself?

Good job, overall

Your drawings and the music was good... but it was short and stupid. Next time think of funny stuff not garbage like a fish electricuting himself... funnier things come out of my ass. But overall good effort.

not so much funny

it wasnt wery funny but the drawings were very good! that was professional! (bad grammer)

Not bad in fact i like it

no kidding that fish is a moron. But morons are funny. You did a great job.