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Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

That was awesome

I love your "old school" graphics. They remind me of all of the awesome cartoons I used to watch.


Gives you a warm bubbly, electrical feeling inside

finally, the best new cartoon since AN AMC CHRISTMAS 1. Gordie is a stupid fish, as the title says, who does stupid things that you'd see in slapstick comedies. It's quite enjoyable and on a bad day, it's fantastic. I hope to see more of Gordie's bizarre adventures.

ahaaa yes grasshopper see you have learned peanut

Dickman san mushi mushi ho origoto gusiyimas
your flash animations have gotten better like fine saki

keep up the damn fine work



haha what a moron . u coud start ur own cartoon :D gj dude

Wow! Its just like a Nickelodion Cartoon

That was genious. Make More!