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Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"


you gonna be the star of the damn portal, if
you continue to throw out movies like this.

i visited your site and now know that your drawing skills are fabulous, hence the great frame by frame animation. seems to be no effort at all for you. using an artpad? probbly.

one thing to think about tho':
people will probbly stop submitting movies, because they's gonna be pissed yours are so much better.:D


wow...he is freggin retarded....anyways...the movie is great! nice animation and the sound is good too.its also pretty funny. nice job.

Damn you andrew!

I was going into this ready to hate it so that i could be all different and post some gay review.
But then it didnt suck. No, not at all.



lol nice job.

Great movie.

It looked very proffessional, almost identical to something you could possibly see on television. Looks great. Great job!