Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

You've made it!

Andrew, you have offically made it to my fav. author page. Which is commemdable because you are the first I have felt worthy of this.

I have followed your work since seeing the Wily show. I am impressed. The artwork is top notch, and the facial expressions you created for Gordie are priceless. The sound fit the cartoon to a tee. To be honest, many users that create the stuff they do would do well to learn from your flash. I find your style to be the most eye pleasing, as it reminds me of cartoons gone by. In a nutshell, you did a very fine job. I hope to see more stuff like this from you.

Dude............. Dude..................

my god that one dumb f**k of a fish
and you one great F**K or a cartoon creator !

you are a god



man amazing stuff dude i can c ppl watching this on tv every after noon you should make much more you have real talent in making movies that fish is so fucken dumb too ahahahahahahaha.

Oh shit...

... was the first thing I said when the cartoon was over. It looks very professional. Simply great!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

absolutely solid

i can see you have been working with flash for a long time. This work is incredible and flawless. I just cant speak enough good about your work man. I wish there were a lot more authors that put effort behind their work as you do :P