Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"


This is a representation of what GOOD cartoon shorts used to be before Cartoon Network started airing all the pieces of shit on it now. This was absolutly hilarius dude. You gotta make more things like this.

Now I want a fish...

I know many people have already said this, but: This reminds me of the good ol' Warner Bros. cartoons of yore.

Very nice graphics with a hilarious ending. Coupled with clear and well timed sound, it makes for a great Flash and I would love to see that fish again.


a great shorty

it almost seemed like I was watching those classic warner bros. cartoons with the music and the style it was cool

That was ok!

That was funny! Well, alittle bit.


bring on more of that shit! That fish is TERRIBLY FUNNY. So very unpredictable.. lol

i love it bring on more! MORE MORE MORE!

your godess has spoken.
you can get back up straight now.