Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"


I disagree with the last fella. This was fantastic. Besides, I felt that by explaining the clip in your info part ypu aleviated the need to have the superbowl present in the clip. I am a fan. I wish you would make more animations. I have enjoyed all of them.

I love your style of animating

very cartoonish. poor fishy.... well that is all i have to say really nice and smooth animation humorous and felt like i was watching an old cartoon series actually

4/5 ~Aon


tht was awsome dude!!!!


well that was funny yo

absolutely solid

i can see you have been working with flash for a long time. This work is incredible and flawless. I just cant speak enough good about your work man. I wish there were a lot more authors that put effort behind their work as you do :P