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Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

Nice animation!

I'm a real fan of your animation. I especially loved Rockman Neo. The punchline in this Flash movie made me smile, but nothing more. Clever idea though! Props to you!


stupid fish....

Quick but funny

Reminds me of Ren & Stimpy.

The art was good...

the only thing i liked was the art, i already saw the whole thing by the time the fish pushed the button, and i didn't find it that funny, it would have been better if we see gordie get shocked, and plop out all burnt and mutalated, or maybe even become a moronic super electro powered fish thing

Pretty fuckin' awesom

Excellent Animation, nothing jolting. I would've liked to seen more violence like where the fish fried but other then that it was an excellent short film