Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

oooo god !!!! this was good !!!

i olso enjoid your wily shorts movies!!!
and rockman neo!!!
and the dr. wily show!!!
you rock !!!


Well made, overall i just liked the whole style of the movie, esp. the intro music, the whole thing just reminded me of sitting in your PJ's on a saturday morning, watching similar slapstick cartoons

Is this reality? It is, is it?

I can't believe this GREAT piece of work. Despite the fact that it is somewhat short, but that's not what I watch movies for. The synchronisation of sound and anything else is worth mentioning. The eye blinks (Even though Fish don't) was a great part of the humour. And the Remote control pressing, that part was great too, and not to mention the Intro theme. That was unique and what I expect from Andrew Dickman. Just like your Wily Show, I am looking forward to your next piece of work.

still laughing

LOL. i like it, diddnt see the end coming, ill have to give an award. i ended up watching it 3 times. keeping makeing gordie clips. lol

Quite entertaining!

This flash reminds me of something from Nick for some reason. But hey, you got SKillz like i said before for all your flashes.