Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"


Ah, this was good for a laugh. :)


I found this piece to be absolutely awesome. It presented the classic "Roger Rabbit" style comedy, and that, I found to be really cool. Bravo.

Must make a series out of Gordie :D


pretty funny.. but uhh, he ain't that dumb.. Just doesn't think before he acts.. heh

pretty good

I didnt think the movie was funny at all, but the graphics were great, n the sound was nice 2

I liked it

The plot was not a very strong point. However, u again succeed in stunning me, as u have in the past with Rockman Neo, with your skill in graphics. U have an amazing talent my friend. You may be the single, graphically best flash artist on NG at this time. The audio, although was not abundant in the movie, was also very clear.