Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

so simple yet funny

its funny cause the simples things that make ya laugh on this 1.. you would never expect it tilll the end :P
it reminded me of ren and stimpy almost

way cool

Good job.

Its cool

If I had to base this on Graphix alone It would have got a 10. But the story is too short and the plot's not all that great as for the Dumba** who blammed this, You dont know what the hell your talking about this is good and Rockman Neo is awesome.


good animation but this doesnt deserve the spot it has... and must say neither does rockman neo. sorry... good animation doesnt make up forum... nothing? this is just a classic example of nepotism's little cousin, favortism. People go crazy over the pretty pictures in rockman neo, which i remember being told werent even his... o think... and instantly love everything else he creates. Come on... this cartoon is pretty but it isnt THAT good. thres plenty of better cartoons.


very nice