Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

That was a good one...

Man, what you have in mind when you do movies like that... You are professional... That was a great one, for sure... Congratulation, like the ones in my city say: "Do Carai Mermão"...

WB style here.....stupid fish...lol

i like it, you should make a series of it. It's really like WB (Warner Bros) style cartoon here. You got imagination and style kid...;P

keep out the good work my friend, you're the best.


i thought this was pretty funny!you should make this into a series!

pretty funny

very smooth animation and great art. pretty funny too. would make a pretty good series.

very good

warner bros. style. like to see more of these in flash. i would make one, but I can't be bothered