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Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"


The way you drew Gordie made it seem like I was watching one of them classic cartoons! Good work!

not so much funny

it wasnt wery funny but the drawings were very good! that was professional! (bad grammer)

Nice, except the ending

Aww come on :P i wanted to see him get fried!
you shouldn't have just blanked the screen when he jumped back in the aquarium... except for that, it was a really well done movie :)
the animation and style was really great
keep up the good work!

Chartoon Style!

I didn't realy find it that funny, but I still liked it's cartoonish style! The movement of the fish, the sound. I'll give it a 4.

Cool fish!

Cool one! good graphics & stuff! That fish was cool too! I hope too see more of him.

To all the ppl makin flash, if u need voiceacting, holla at me!