Reviews for "Creo - Dune"

Nice fun track to get me excited! Loving your recent stuff, keep it up mate. Can't wait for the EP. ;)

CreoMusic responds:

thanks, man :)

Nice song, reminds me of the desert, your music sounds very interesting, you do it in a way that's unique, and I love it :D

The start is not my favorite but it gets so energetic with such a kick ass drop, goodjob!

Ooh! A new Creo song! And its an Experimental? Awww Yeahhh
The vibe speaks adventure, but something else it kind of reminds me of... Is Nemophore for some reason, and I love that song. :P Anyway, love this song and I can't wait to listen to the entire Odyssey EP. :)

CreoMusic responds:

Thanks! Also a spot on observation - for the verse of this song I used a mixing formula similar to Nemophore. :)

yes, a new song by Creo!!!!
this is awesome dude! it sounds like adventuring in the desert...
the drop is awesome as usual; it's very fast paced, as well as the rest of the song.
keep going man, you're really good.
I'll be on the lookout for Odyssey EP!

CreoMusic responds:

Thank you! :)