Reviews for "Super Clock Ribbon ^_^"

You know that Playstation Game....

Yeah this reminds me of it, you know the one with the Rabbit, I wouldn't be surprised if this was inspiried by that game, anyway. Great job. All my 5 are belong to this


i was the losar =(


{{{Piney}}} I played this in your CC BBS siggy!


I just watched AppleClock's video so more the merrier. Lol im a huge fan of Vibbery and i was soon planning on playing it through all FF final boss music including One Winged Angel lol. ........ B!!!

Perfect sync

There are two thing I appreciate in a rhythm-action game: simple controls and a good sync of what you see and what you listen. Good job.

And one question: does the pace of the music changes when the player hits/miss an obstacle, or the songs are already like that?