Reviews for "Super Clock Ribbon ^_^"

i feel so guilty...

*drops tough guy prtense and rocks out 2 the j-pop*

I feel so guilty...

*drops tough guy pretense and rawks out to the j-pop*

Cute animations on your part.


I've never played the original but after playing this, I'm going to look for it! =P good job clock! you've proven that even clocks can make quality stuff with low animation! Btw, glad ya reviewed Jay. ^_^ This is the perfect way to end boredom. Please make sequels! You rock!


Hey yo!
My friend directed me towards this game after 10 min I was in heaven. though I have one question was the guy level like a secrete level? And why is impossible to like actually win the guy level? Anyway, this was an awesome game! Loved every song espically the grape level!



{{{Piney}}} I played this in your CC BBS siggy!