Reviews for "Super Clock Ribbon ^_^"

Bravo! A great game! No flaws.

I think this is the first game to pass both the techical rating ,and persanal rating systems. I am impressed. Also on a side note I liked grapes music where is it from. Alos I would like to see a sequel of some sort. This is a high quality game and is worthy of praise not hate (even though it is the CC) and i think it could be the best made game of this type.

In closing it is a great game with great music ant the controls respond well.

- Rastamun21

The only great clock team submission

I was looking though various clock crew flashes today when a completely unexpected word caught my eye - "ribbon". I thought at first that it would be impossible that a bunch of jokes such as yourselves would actually have a wide enough span of interests and views to discover the Vib series, but you floored me for the first time on NG with this work of art!

This is a beautiful rendition of one of my all-time favorite masterpiece games, except for the replacement of sexy little Vibri with a clock-faced grape, which was a bit of a disappointment... Also, the control response from loop to zigzag is a bit sluggish which made me lose a couple points bringing my score 4 points down from 2100, which I assume is a perfect score, making my score 2096. Other than that, the game was modeled in a very similar fashion to that of the real game which I highly congratulate you on! You definitely got my vote and I did so with a fat number five!


I LIKED THAT MUSIC!!!! Where did u get it from?(just askin')


Very Good game. I got to....Umm... I tihnk Orange, But I'm not sure XD


Tasty! Shiney!

I like the simplistic lines and black background, and its lovable cute when you hjump etc. I laughed when music went faster and it just went crazy =)
Fif cause its very got for what it is, a simple flashgame =)