Reviews for "Super Clock Ribbon ^_^"

=) =)

No point but i enjoyed playing it

Nice job

fun at the beginning, but the music is getting on my nervs after a while....but nice game

vib ribbon = good thing

loved vib back in the day, and this is kinda fun. its embarrasing to say but the hardest vib track i ever unearthed was pure shores by the all saints...

Perfect sync

There are two thing I appreciate in a rhythm-action game: simple controls and a good sync of what you see and what you listen. Good job.

And one question: does the pace of the music changes when the player hits/miss an obstacle, or the songs are already like that?

wow that was legit

the music was hilarious, orange was kind of challenging, it got me down about half way.

this game is pretty cool, idk bout top 50 cool, but its pretty cool.