Reviews for "Super Clock Ribbon ^_^"

Holy fucking GOD.

That is so damn kewl, once I understood what was going on. It's like.. vector graphic DDR, almost. :)

This is going at-or-near the top of my favorites list, right now.


I couldn't stop playing because of all of that mesmorizing music. Very original game. I've never played anything like this before.


A VERY good remake of Vib Ribbon!

Thsi was VERY well done. You kept the vib ribbon style and challenge. The music was superb. A very good job done with this. If you were to make a sequal(Which I hope ^_^) I have 2 suggestions. First, mabey instead of having different clocks for every level, you could have an energy system, sort of like in Vib Ribbon, "evolving" into a more popular clock, up until your highest level Strawberry, making the levels sort of flow from one to another(mabey pick a set of songs). Second, the only problem i had was the size. Ofcourse the original vib ribbon didn't have much, as the same as you're but everything just seems sort of cramped. Other than this, this was an amazing game!
Keep up the good work!

PineappleClock responds:

sounds good i will implement your suggestions good sir :) {{taychan}}


i thought this was pretty cool. nive and odd. keep up the good work

Score: 965

Yay! That was fun. The music is superb. =)