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Reviews for "ROOM ROOM"

Nice game, though I kept running into one issues on the "three balls" stage. The first time I arrived there, the exists opened after only one ball was gained (all except the north exit). After that the east, south and west exist remained green despite the text still reading "two balls" - meaning I guess two more needed. But no more balls came.
And then I was sent back to the stage later, and the balls were there, the same exits green but now rebounding me when I tried to pass them. And collecting balls didn't reduce the counter.

This game uses a character from the anime kaiba ??

Sambero responds:

YES! Finally someone notices!!

Interesting take! It kinda lags on my system, but the puzzles are clever and gameplay is snappy, so it's still good.

(Although, I didn't know about the mechanic with the rooms hitting you until I looked at another review on here. Just not immediately obvious)

It's both a puzzle game and an action game; a combo I haven't seen quite as effectively pulled off as this. Good job.