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Reviews for "ROOM ROOM"

great game! does the idea seem very original, or have anybody done something like this before?


I would appreciate some finer controls (not just octagonal) - other than that - cooold game :D

Sambero responds:

thank you! you can also play with a controller's joystick and, with that, you could move in all directions

Such a great game, it handles consequence in such a new and exciting way. You have to pay attention to what room is going to hit you, because sometimes it's not a matter of dodging, but at least not being sent back all the way to the beginning. That level of complexity in the main mechanic leads to a richness in player experiences and a depth of game play not usually found on an internet game. Great work

Awesome game! Cool mechanics, easy to grasp, tough to beat (but not so frustrating as to insta quit). Thanks, man!!