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Reviews for "ROOM ROOM"

this is aids

10/10. Great game. Love the concept.

It's both a puzzle game and an action game; a combo I haven't seen quite as effectively pulled off as this. Good job.

hey y'all 3 orb world record hold here,and this is pretty fun,it´s a blast to optimize your strategies and get better at the game.

HOWEVER,i have a few gripes.

the leaderboards are broken at least on my end,whenever i get a record bettter than the one that is on the leaderboards (which i just got being 1:26.10)for some reason it doesn´t show up,if it´s a problem on the game´s end (which if that´s the case the creator should fix it),or a problem on newgrounds´s end (which if that´s the case the creator should add a in-game leaderboard or contact newgrounds to solve the issue),i really don´t know but it´s still a problem.

also f the news room,it´s really confusing to figure out.

but other than those issues the game is a blast and i give the creator credit.


''fix the leaderbords''


Interesting take! It kinda lags on my system, but the puzzles are clever and gameplay is snappy, so it's still good.

(Although, I didn't know about the mechanic with the rooms hitting you until I looked at another review on here. Just not immediately obvious)