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Reviews for "ROOM ROOM"


I can't help but notice that we are playing as Neiro from the 2008 anime Kaiba.

Pachachos responds:

glad you noticed. It's an incredible anime and more people should watch it

its creative and so rage inducining i want to punch a whole in the wall

Love this game! Very creative and clever concept and I love the way the game slowly introduced all the mechanics in a very cool mind-bending way. Once I realized that I could actually go back to a room by intentionally hitting it and I'd have to do that to get all the orbs, man that felt cool, like my brain had just imploded. Loved the puzzles too, felt like little Warioware games how they have these little clues to try and figure everything out while you're dancing around trying not to die. This might've been a short game but it was very sweetly put together: great work!

my god, i saw a review of Disc Room and the guy described it like "once you enter and go beyond the zone, once you have tried time and time again your true reward is dead itself, because those are the last moments of peace youll ever have to savor your victory" and my god, i can relate somewhat rigth now with that man, what impressed me the most was the mechanic of dead, THERE IS NONE, you just go back to the room that striked you, there is no penalty, you just go back in action without any time to rest or wait,is amazing, is one of the best ideas i have seen.
leaving aside the revolutarny gameoplay, the aesthetic is as good as it gets, its kinda Aperure labs, but even more erratic and frenetic, and the main character is really cute, i have to play it again just for the sake of it, great work, awesome work, tremendous work