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Reviews for "Bright in the Screen 2nd Session"


The controls are pretty janky (especially on the console games) but it's understandable since it's old. Maybe up the quality a tiny bit. Apart from that it's great! (P.s. I went to the secret long hole on the very right, haha very funny >:c)
- Keep this up and the next game you might make someone pee their pants! Ultramax / b33p

oh yea

good game its fun

Creepy and disturbing

To say I'm disappointed that you just dug up a project that's been sitting on your hard drive for a decade and uploaded it to ng because, idk, maybe you were feeling nostalgic and wanted to push it out before flash goes away forever, would be the understatement of the decade. I played the original back in '08 when I saw it on the front page and remember being blown away by it. I saw this in the monthly voting queue and it was a big surprise. I get it, I'm nostalgic for it, too. I was so excited to see what you've learned about game design over the course of 12 years. It kills me to rate 2.5, but my dude, you released a 2008 flash game in 2020, what can I say? Fear Unlimited 3 and Bright in the Screen were my jam back in the day, but they certainly don't hold up to what exists on the modern indie platforms we have today like itchio, gamejolt, steam, gog and the storefront that shall not be named.

That said, if you *are* developing games professionally, hit me up some time. I'd love to see what you've been up to ♥


P.S: consider uploading this to the blue maxima flashpoint database if you want it to be preserved. They're a good community making a solid effort in preserving all kinds of flash content.

HapPie responds:

Hey, thanks for an honest review.
I'm not pro and never been, this was just a silly hobby, never really expected success or any kind of money. It was sitting there and rather than have it rot in my hard drive I put it out there and maybe someone would get a kick out of it. Even if one person enjoyed then it was all worth it, sorry that person wasn't you. I had lost all motivation to make games, but I feel like tackling it again, we will see how things go.