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Reviews for "Down Below - Halloween Special"

No checkpoints? Have to start from the beginning? The combo system is crap, the bats are too powerful and too hard to beat, and the damage they do is ridiculous. The idea that you can't progress if you don't kill ALL of the zombies is not good, it would be better if you get the percentage of how many you have to kill, or sth. The graphics are good, the movement is sloppy. Played it on easy mode, died in level 2, so yeah, I don't want to try it on harder modes.

It's not a bad game, it's just that it needs a lot a lot of polish. Hopefully, you'll improve it later

HeadbanGames responds:

The Halloween Special was designed differently than what we have planned for the full game.
It got a more old school beat him up vibe to it, hence the progress limit until all zombies are killed.
Yes, there are no checkpoints, but plenty of health pickups, it's not that long, you can beat it in 10 minutes.

The full game has much more story to it, large open areas to explore, autosaving and checkpoints and no limit on progressing through the levels.

The special was built on an alpha version of the game, so yeah, it's not perfect and there will be lots of polish throughout the development.

Can you explain what you found sloppy about the movement (is that performance issues or controls?)

Can you explain what issues you have with the combo system?

I accept your feedback on the bats, we reduced their power and damage.
We just released a new update v0.5.0.1 (include the bat change and some other fixes too).

As soon as water is visible in the screen, everything becomes extremely slow. I tried to put off all the options, but couldn't get any better.
And I am stuck with a glitch just after removing the fog in the second level : the two small steps uphill that require simple jumps can't be passed, since the character remains in a "jumping" attitude and doesn't actually land on the first step.
I am using Chrome on a 3 year-old laptop (only 4g RAM), if it is of any relevance.

HeadbanGames responds:

The user reported that the below fixes helped solved these issues, if you encounter them, please follow the directions below.
This sounds more like a GPU issue rather than memory or anything else, what graphic card are you using?
Here are a few things to check:
1. Update GPU drivers and chrome to the latest.
2. Check here that you have support for webGL 1+2
3. Run this url in your chrome browser "chrome://settings/" and make sure "use hardware acceleration" is ticked under "advanced"
4. Run this url in your chrome browser "chrome://flags/" and make sure "Accelerated 2D canvas" is ticked.
5. Under the flags you can also try "Override software rendering list" and see if it helps.
6. Try another browser like firefox.
Regarding the memory, 4GB should be enough, if you got enough of it free before you run the game, make sure to close all other applications and tabs before playing to free up all possible memory.
You can check your Windows Task Manager and see exactly how much free memory you have prior to running the game (with the browser already running), you need at least 1gb of free memory.

P.S. how did you get to the water area if you can't make the jump on the second level?
Is that jumping glitch happened only on one playthrough and not the other?

Well, your controls are a bit wonky. This game is best played with two hands.
You can jump with right mouse, but it also brings up the right-click dropdown menu, so it's better to use space.
You can attack with left mouse, but also z. In the end the best way to play this game is all keyboard.

You have a control configuration settings area, but it doesn't actually change your controls settings.

It's really hard to get hit combos.
I got stuck after falling into a pit without an easy way out. While I think it may be TECHNICALLY possible to get out with wall jumps, it's really hard to get those wall jumps right.

It's worth mentioning that historically I suck at these types of games, so my skill level should be considered "barely functioning human" even if I find it quite difficult.

HeadbanGames responds:

*UPDATE* I made wall jumping easier, so you basically don't have to hold down the direction now, just pump the jump button.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Your right, the game was meant to be played with two hands on the keyboard.
I added the mouse just for testing, and forgot about it, not sure if I'll keep it in and if so I'll add it to the control configuration screen.

I did try to test it now and for me the right mouse button is locked and does not bring up the context menu, but just in case I add some JS to completely block opening the context menu, so it shouldn't happen again.

You're right again, there was a bug with reading the controls (only if you changed them by going to the setting from within the level), it's fixed now.

Combos are a matter of practice, the more you play the easier it'll get, keep in mind the full game will be much longer and won't start up with so many fighting scenes.
This Halloween Special was intentionally made a little harder, packed with zombies and intense.

P.S. did you play with combo visual helper on or off?