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Reviews for "Becloudead - Halloween Special"

I hated it! I couldn't even do the 4 hit combo in the tutorial.\

the bats are so annoying lol
also, on the fifth(?) level I just randomly shot away to the right while I was hanging down on a ledge. I eventually got stuck here. https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/96cb3700843cbdd2382816a646b0ffac

HeadbanGames responds:

You know one of my favorite quotes is "those goddamn bats" :)

As for the bug, great catch there!
It took me quite a while to manage to recreate it and even more to figure out why it's happening, but it's all fixed now!

Sorry for the inconvenience, these weird bugs sometimes happens in alpha versions.

As soon as water is visible in the screen, everything becomes extremely slow. I tried to put off all the options, but couldn't get any better.
And I am stuck with a glitch just after removing the fog in the second level : the two small steps uphill that require simple jumps can't be passed, since the character remains in a "jumping" attitude and doesn't actually land on the first step.
I am using Chrome on a 3 year-old laptop (only 4g RAM), if it is of any relevance.

HeadbanGames responds:

The user reported that the below fixes helped solved these issues, if you encounter them, please follow the directions below.
This sounds more like a GPU issue rather than memory or anything else, what graphic card are you using?
Here are a few things to check:
1. Update GPU drivers and chrome to the latest.
2. Check here that you have support for webGL 1+2
3. Run this url in your chrome browser "chrome://settings/" and make sure "use hardware acceleration" is ticked under "advanced"
4. Run this url in your chrome browser "chrome://flags/" and make sure "Accelerated 2D canvas" is ticked.
5. Under the flags you can also try "Override software rendering list" and see if it helps.
6. Try another browser like firefox.
Regarding the memory, 4GB should be enough, if you got enough of it free before you run the game, make sure to close all other applications and tabs before playing to free up all possible memory.
You can check your Windows Task Manager and see exactly how much free memory you have prior to running the game (with the browser already running), you need at least 1gb of free memory.

P.S. how did you get to the water area if you can't make the jump on the second level?
Is that jumping glitch happened only on one playthrough and not the other?