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Reviews for "Becloudead - Halloween Special"

Best game challenging but love it

HeadbanGames responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it, stay tune for our new Xmas special!

Sad ... why someone cannot climb?

HeadbanGames responds:

Not sure what you mean exactly, you can wall jump and climb/hang on edges of platforms.
Feel free to PM with more details.

Retro, difficult and with a good final boss, I wish it was longer with more levels, and with more bosses and maybe you can find a Shotgun or a pistol =D

HeadbanGames responds:

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, we're glad you enjoyed it!

This is our first playable alpha release of the game, there's still lots to do and long road ahead of us.

We really crunched to get this one ready on time for Halloween, it wasn't possible to add any more to it, though we wanted to.
We will be releasing more specials and demos during the development process so stay tuned for more Down Below in near future!

I hated it! I couldn't even do the 4 hit combo in the tutorial.\

the bats are so annoying lol
also, on the fifth(?) level I just randomly shot away to the right while I was hanging down on a ledge. I eventually got stuck here. https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/96cb3700843cbdd2382816a646b0ffac

HeadbanGames responds:

You know one of my favorite quotes is "those goddamn bats" :)

As for the bug, great catch there!
It took me quite a while to manage to recreate it and even more to figure out why it's happening, but it's all fixed now!

Sorry for the inconvenience, these weird bugs sometimes happens in alpha versions.