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Reviews for "TD-Double-Shot"

Ha I loved this. Just the ending asking the cute girl pff. Great job on this and I really love your art style

That cutie probably already had a boyfriend anyway...

Raziberry responds:

She did not... >_>

I LOVE Tech Dave

Raziberry responds:

thank you baby!

Dave, your life is quite an adventure I must say... a very relatable one at that...

Oh man. That's a throwback. Back when I could drink coffee I used to hang out at Second cup all the time. The one that was inside of Sheridan I used to peruse on a daily basis, otherwise the one that was inside the first floor of a retro-fitted house in Port Credit was my usual spot (outside of the Crooked Cue- pool's in my blood).

I know exactly what you mean. The kids in the fishbowl used to kind of laugh at how the seedy elite of Sheridan used their connections and influence to manipulate coffee shops for cheap labor via art students. #corruption.

Thanks for weaving a tale. Can't wait for the next one :)