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Reviews for "TD-Double-Shot"

Makes me count my blessings from the bookstore as a then intern

I always wondered why coffee shops in particular were a popular spot for art students, and this sort of answered it for me. Coffee's a good beverage when you're cramming and tired (and art students LOVE to stay up late), chill setup for computer work, everyone's already looking out the window for your still life sketches.. Yeah, seems like a great place for an art student, now that I really think about it!
Discounting that, the way you talk is really well suited for narrating these types of casual stories. You get right to the point, but it's very easy to absorb it all. As if you could trail off for a minute, but it still feels like part of the story you're telling. I'm not a big fan of storytime type stuff at all, but this feels like just talking about things most people can relate to or go through, without going for the low hanging fruit and focusing on the bad to get a cheap laugh or a"#relatable" response, like a lot of webcomics and storytime things tend to do now more than ever. That takes some form of skill, and I appreciate that.

Raziberry responds:

Hey thanks a lot! When I started doing these, I'd never even heard of "storytime youtubers", and the genre may not have existed yet, but either way I'm happy to know you don't think I blend into the crowd.

I LOVE Tech Dave

Raziberry responds:

thank you baby!

I never worked at a coffee shop, but I drink a LOT of coffee, so I can kinda relate

Dave, your life is quite an adventure I must say... a very relatable one at that...