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Reviews for "CUDDLE PARTY with Cocko and Gallagher"

I love the animation, It felt like they were actually in a van, especially with that Pornhub sign. I found Cocko's accent a bit difficult to understand but that's because I'm not used to Australian accents. I didn't fully understand the jokes and the hugging issue he had. I found the fact that you gave them piercings and tattoos to be rare (Most other animations don't). I would love to see them at a bar next time :D Great video!

Man, amazing animation, voice acting, and everything is just YES, this looks like a high budget netflix pilot lol, it's creative, and I had some deep belly laughs throughout

The pretentious haircut on gallagher had me repulsed enough that I had to come check the full video regardless. Glad I did.

i like the character designs

Can't wait to see more.