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Reviews for "There Is No Breakout"

How to play brick breaker without losing a ball... (Easy)

Step 1: play while ball speed set to 6

Step 2: don't lose the ball

Step 3: break all the bricks without losing the ball

Step 4: claim your trophy

Best breakout !


First, thank you for reminding me about There Is No Game. I love the original as I played it here on NG. I didn't even know about the other versions. I will have to check them out as well. As for your breakout, it's very well done. I like the speed change option and have played it on the default speed, as well as maximum and minimum speeds. My ball is currently, very gently, scrollling the screen from the top going left to right in an infinite cycle. But the fact that the bottom paddle is mostly for changing the ball's direction and you don't die and have to reset when you miss said paddle, well that makes all the difference. Nice job!

pretty good game the only issue i have with it is that sometimes the ball will get stuck in an infanite cycle going left to right. I would like it to have levels but its good enough :)