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Reviews for "TEXT 'N' DRIVE"

Good Game about the dangers of the usage of cellphones while driving if you are reading this just silence your phone while you drive. Oh, if you are having troubles commiting the especified crime in ths game just sit between lanes. I ended up discovering it by myself. Dying alot

this is a well made game and addresses serious the serious problem of texting and driving

BRUUUHHH this tells me alot about life, even though ik not to text and drive:) but nice game, very fun to play

love it

I get the message, but what's really should have been said is: "Beware! That car is trying to assassinate you!" Really.. the last car phases through other cars, and follows your steering until it crashes and kills you, even if you DO focus on the road. That's legit assassination attempt if I ever saw one X(