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Reviews for "TEXT 'N' DRIVE"

this game is approved by the law. 10/10

I like this game but there is a car that is impossible to doge when you get far enough so I instead of texting just drove, I got to that point and it works like a heat seeking missile. if this was intentional I wouldn't keep it in here. if this wasn't here i would play it more

Love it. Hard to control. But that is how it is in reality so yeah!

Very good game with a very good message. spent an uncomfortable amount of time seeing how fast i could beat it once i realized you can just type every prompt in the tutorial so cars won’t come until you either take too long or move. Probably not the best game to speedrun

So the game's fun, a bit short but the message is clear and well thought out, music is good at fits the atheistic. However i found the gameplay fun enough where there could be more to this, longer conversations, balancing conversations with different people. Being one of those weird people who use punctuation in their texts. (I do it too sometimes) But alas, there isn't so 3.5 stars for being decent.