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Reviews for "Ghost resturants"

This is super awesome! Its challenging back & forth, do this do that nature is just so good!
You just earned a Follow!

marui32 responds:

thanks a lot your giving me a lot of motavation. I hope your having a great day

The game is good overall. The idea is good and original and shows no bugs. However, the gameplay could be a bit more fun and it really needs more musics and sfx.
Good work, nontheless! Thanks for cereating a game free to the public.
Keep developing!

marui32 responds:

Thanks a lot. This game was made for a seven day game jam so i did not have enough time to make sfx or more tracks. But thanks for your feed back it motavetes me.

This game is ok as of now, but I think there is a lot of potential with it! consider having more music tracks as it got annoying near the end. Other than that, good job.

marui32 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. That game was made in a 7 day game jam so i didnt really have the time to get a new song into it. Thanks for your feedback it means the world