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Reviews for "Lil Kart game"

This is quite fun actually! Even if you lack precise control on the ground, there's a reason for that and you came up with level designs that allow it to be fun instead of annoying. (Not having a bunch of player death helps a lot probably). You also still have a bit of steering mid-air which people will appreciate. Solid idea for a platformer.

Would love to see more of game about man trapped in shopping cart /10

p.s. It would be fun if the game was sort of surreal and the plot of the game was actually "You are trapped in a shopping cart".

For an unfinished game, it's really good! I know people probably want an explanation for reviews but... I don't know what to say haha. When I like something, I just like it. Not much reason to it. And also, the fact that its unfinished can explain why some parts break a bit haha. Good game, and I will be super hyped when it's fully complete!

I think you have a solid concept here. I enjoy the main character, funny guy stuck in his cart with his limited mobility. The background and screen flip-flopping concept is good. I would really like to play this when it is refined and the A and D movement doesn't require constant tapping. That is really the only complaint I have. I just realized I can change movement mid-air and can drive on the ceiling. Woohoo! Game plays well for me in regular size and when I adjust my screen size. Keep working on it! :)

Kinda nice for a bit, but VERY unfinished... A and D work as they should, but arrow keys still make the character move very slowly for some reason (probably because of a default Construct movement behaviour that still has 'default controls' turned on). And zooming out just to see the whole thing is a really easy fix. The arrows make the whole page scroll up and down, but the game doesn't require using them, so I guess it's ok. There doesn't seem to be any sound and there is a part in which your cart can get stuck forever (red and twirly part with some u-turns)

Creamedbaens responds:

Yeah I fixed that lil problem