Reviews for "Spaze - Dreams"

Purity, I like this one!
Noice job, Spaze!

SpazeMusic responds:

Thanks! :D

love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!

SpazeMusic responds:

Ayyy! :D

This track is rather nice, but the ending kind of lets me down.

SpazeMusic responds:

naw :(
i guess u wanted the "infamous spaze typical melodic dubstep" kinda drop :P
next time, bro!

very nice! It's very chill at the beginning, then turns pure beautiful!
I like the classic Spaze buildup from the likes of Revolution...
Very good overall.
also, who's Sebbe?

SpazeMusic responds:

Glad you like it! :)
It's me! :D

okay this song definetely lacks a LOOOT OF THINGS
like for example some of those grammy things
and a couple of oscars toom yes oscars , is music is THAT good it can get a movie award.
This is an all know rule that i totally just made up but it should exist.
5/5 (=1 oscar + 2.5 grammies.)

SpazeMusic responds:

HAHA, I love this comment.
10/10, no hesitation.
Thanks! <3