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Reviews for "oddpum"

Another amazing game by dietzribi.

dietzribi responds:

<3 thank you so much

Very fun. Interacting with the past versions of your self was fun and interesting, only complaint is that rarely when using fast forward that game would get a black screen and I had to refresh the page. Other than that it was a fantastic game!

dietzribi responds:

Thank you! Sorry about that bug :( I never ran into it while playtesting, probably has something to do with last minute changes in the last day. I'll try looking into it


I suck at this game.

nice game, managed to do it in 11 loops

dietzribi responds:

Thank you! The current record is 6 :O

Great work - completed in seven loops, think I can do it in a few less if I'm willing to desynch clones. Great game.

EDIT : Mission accomplished. B)

dietzribi responds:

Thank you so much!
What do you mean desynch clones?
BTW https://twitter.com/dietzribi/status/1313466003851014144?s=20
If you beat it in less than 7 loops and provide video proof you'll get a free key to our (still in development) commercial game Toodee and Topdee (when it's out)