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Reviews for "oddpum"

Took me 20 loops, though I wasn't exactly trying to be efficient. Loved the image of all 20 just standing there waiting for me to grab the last gem in the last loop.

Nice and simple game, loved it! (Btw got it in 11 loops)

dietzribi responds:

Nice job! The current record is 6 :O

This is a really fun game, it gives a nice spin on the timeloop idea that I didn't entirely expect!
I feel like it would be very cheeseable if someone sat down with it more which makes it even better

Did it in 19 loops and could not bring myself to care that it could be less, as that would require... thinking. I always enjoy those company-of-myself style games- it might as well be a genre- and this one even felt quite new, with the singular map and 60 seconds limit.

If sofra meant 'bad end', does oddpum mean anything?
(Fun fact: in portuguese, "sofra" is the verb "suffer". Also, kind of phrased as a command, its neutral form being "sofre". I always thought that fit the game well.)

dietzribi responds:

First off all thanks for playing and the comment!
And yes- "oddpum" kinda sounds like "od paam" which means "another time" (again) in Hebrew :)

This is such a well designed implementation of this idea. I love the lateral thinking required and the level design is very clever! The QoL features like speed up/rewind really elevate the whole package

Great job! Crazy to see, based on comments, another dev give this game 0 stars?

dietzribi responds:

Thank you so much! I knew that if the time loop is gonna be long I gotta have these QoL features...