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Reviews for "oddpum"

I like the implementation of this. Of the frontpage for LD47; this actually is a game; which is a big plus.

The only bit I was unhappy about was that the ghosts weren't true ghosts, so future switch pushes could ruin past ghosts; causing you the need to redo them. Another minor annoyance was that switches that would intersect you mid fall don't let you fall through, so one of my guys I wasted flipping switches but not for a long enough period of time.

I'm pretty sure there might be a bug where a ghost is saved slightly off position; but I may have just played dumb. I swear I left one on a button and FF'd but instead he saved next to the button.

dietzribi responds:


Having the clones as ghosts which always have the same positions as they used to have would make the game a bit less interesting in my opinion, it was a design choice. I also wanted to have puzzle's that rely on this, e.g., you have to do something in the present, that after changing the state in the future would be completely different, and still meaningful. Unfortunately I didn't have time for that :P

And yeah, I didn't think of a better way to solve the collisions mid switch. I could've gone the Celeste way and make it not trigger until you're out of the hit box, but that would make the game trivial because you could leave doors open without pushing their corresponding buttons.

And about the bug- yes, the bug is there :( I was sure I fixed it but it still happens sometimes.
It's a good thing that the game doesn't have a fail state and that you can always fix whatever happened with more clones and abusing "friend jumps".
Sorry about that, I wish it wasn't there but I only had 3 days to make this and I was oblivious to it still existing :P

I managed to do it in 8 loops! Yay :D

fantastic love it the whole time loop aspest love it

Good,simple,not much going on only green+purple/orange

my highscore is 16 :D