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Reviews for "oddpum"

Here to respond to (I believe) one of your comments, saying that the game was only possible in 6 loops
After a lot of trial and error, I have finally managed to do it in 5 loops, and it was down to the wire
Thank you so much for making this game, it is a game that has made me think of many possible strategies to complete it, and it has finally paid off

dietzribi responds:


There's a weird bug where if you use the rewind too often, the loops will be displaced. A copy that once was sitting on a button won't be anymore.

dietzribi responds:

Yes, you are right. I was struggling with this bug a lot in the second day of development and I was sure I fixed it! Only after the jam ended I saw that it still happens sometimes :(
Sorry though! I hope it didn't ruin the experience too much

12 loops for now, great game!

my best is 11

This game is awesome, 10/10
21 loops

Edit: now 11 loops GG