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Reviews for "360"

It's alright for a Ludum Dare, but it felt too much like "random haha" and so it kinda doesn't really grip me.

Yeah, there really wasn't a well-communicated point or objective or even continuity. There's these random scenes that I can minimally interact with but they don't seem to relate to each other or anything else. Sorry, this one was just a flop IMO.

StuffedWombat responds:

yeah its pretty experimental :)

the scenes are connected through abstract concepts that are hard to read!
thanks for playing!

I'm afraid I fall in the camp that views it more as a bunch of random stuff thrown together than a cohesive and fun game, although the graphic effects were pretty nice.


Huh? Not psychedelic enough to make sense. It's animation, but is it art? It's code, but is it really interactive?