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Reviews for "360"

Just wish it was longer

At the time of writing this review, this game has a 3.60/5.00.
Also good game.

Different kind of game, but I like it. Loop theme? Personally, I could have done without the smoking bit, but overall very interesting composition. Well done.

Nice little game
got stuck at the rock though

@Caziceul said as much meaning as I was able to parse. It added to my confusion that I wasn't sure if the floating thingy was a silver platter, a rock, or what. It was a cool romp, the graphics were nice and the vibe was too.

I wished I had more influence in the gameplay, some challenge, but maybe that's just whiplash from your usual output, and I'd not be judging another art game on this. Hell, writing this paragraph I even thought about how the lack of interactivity and choice reinforces the idea of being stuck in a loop.