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Reviews for "Halloween Movie Collab"

Best collab kruno5 has organized!

kruno5gaming responds:

ayy thanks

YES! Halloween is upon us!

K-4998572 responds:

Halloween is awesome :)

That initial krazy KutayKomiks kritter got me remembering ZekeySpaceLizard's old stuff. :) Probably unintentional homage (?) but what an awesome way to start things, and so suitable for the occasion.

As for all that follows... it definitely entertained! Maybe a bit longer animations between the first and last would've been nice, ThePartyCrew stands out as the one one with a thought-out and followable story (props!), but it was good fun all the way. A variety of styles and showcases, and they all flow together well too. Good collab.

Happy Halloween y'all! In a few weeks! A bit early!!! :P


kruno5gaming responds:

Thanks Cyberdevil!

XD Didnt Finish My Part But Still Good

kruno5gaming responds:

Its ok. , will you join christmas collab that i will host? then dont late for it next time

Wella spooky! I also loved the tree i want to watch wizard of oz now

kruno5gaming responds:

Wow , you love the tree and girl animation? Cool :)