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Reviews for "Axel's 15th Birthday Collab"

Happy birthday

So, for your birthday, you went out and asked people to make cartoons for you?

oh man.

seems fucking weird to me that these 'really good friends' you have need to be asked to make you a birthday present. If they're really good friends, they'll make you stuff without you have to to ask.

axelthgreat responds:

why act like this on my birthday, i didn't just go up to random people and asked them to help out with this collab, i only asked some good friends of mine because i knew they would want to help out, it kind of makes me feel sad as hell how even on my birthday some people have to treat me this way

kruno5gaming responds:

Shut your mouth Octo! Dont ruin Axels b-day >:( Thats not really nice!

8BitAnt responds:

Hey buddy he didn't ask us, he mentioned he was doing one, and I happily made something for him. So I can't be nice and make something for my friend with my Pixar quality animation eh? No need to be an ass especially on one of my best friend's birthday!

aanims responds:

i DON'T love you

stevetherapper responds:

Bro it was only optional for us to help him with the birthday collab. We only made submissions for him because we wanted to.

TheGBCrew responds:

you are an anti plumber moment

Happy B-Day Axel! ;)

stevetherapper responds:


Happy birthday! (all the haters are autistic eddsworld fans)

stevetherapper responds:


It was amazing participating in this collab Axel, Happy birthday dude!


P.S. "funniest submission" lmao I love it