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Reviews for "Orc Waifu"

Cool game! there are occasional glitches, like when I hunt a deer it says you let it go and it gives me meat. When I help the wolf it says shared but I don't get meat and vice versa. Needs more work on dialogue choice mix ups. Sometimes she disappears when you pat her with the pat and leave options still there, and she feels weird even if she was feeling affection. One time the game froze in the beginning after chopping down the tree. Staring at her shower creates two copies of her and looks glitchy!

Does anyone know how to get the first gallery and the lot's of teeth trophy

How do you unlock the left and right most part so the gallery, and the too much teeth and hapily ever after trophies?

everything u make is so good

Great games as aways, artstyle makes me wana submerge my eyes in it. Lacking a bit of bgm, but artstyle and gmaeplay already make a damn good expirience. Makes me wana replay it perfectly with no regrett.
Hunt with white haze and fox had switched outcomes, from narrative logic point of view, a little oversight.
When i hid text instead of choosing option when body cleaning started, i couldnt bring text back. Good thing i had my saves.