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Reviews for "Orc Waifu"

Short but sweet and the orc was both adorable and sexy, wish there were more interactions but I enjoyed this.

Too short. Could be a 5/5 if you gave it more time

This is fucking great, I do wish there was a way to skip dialog cause on the 5th playthrough (trying to experiment and see all the cutscenes) the dialog gets a bit annoying but whatever. Def a new favorite though

quick edit: It seems like the game saves the fact that you have meat if you have played multiple times and skipped feeding the orc? I was able to feed her 4 times on the first day...

awesome game, the orc waifu is very cute, nice drawning, and boy oh boy, the too much teeth ir too much hard for me to figue it out, Congratulations

"Wow... You're a big guy..."

"You're a big /guy/"

How the sweet hell this guy not notice that her tits are bigger then a damn monster truck wheel when her (tight-fitting) robe thing /clearly/ shows her busty form?
He gotta be the most oblivious guy in existence to not see that

It's still an excellent game, but damn, this guy really needs to level his Perception stat