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Reviews for "Shoot to Slide"

Nice twist on the typical slide mechanic.

Level 22 was insane. I had to watch the dudes walk through in one of the other comments. I would have never figured that out.

Нигде больше не видел такой задумки
единственное меня бесит управление. поменяй управление в направлении выстрела.

Ooh, boy, a new puzzle by Rob is always a treat, and this is no exception.

This game is similar to those classic puzzles where, whenever you hit a directional key, you move in that direction until you hit an obstacle, except with a clever twist: everytime you move, you shoot a bullet in the opposite direction, and your goal is to defeat all red squares on screen while avoiding touching anything that kills you.

This simple twist to a classic mechanic makes for a fascinating set of small levels where every new puzzle has a "catch" the player has to realize before they can beat it. Basically, we have to consider the purpose of certain sets of obstacles and ponder how they all fall into place. Once we figure it all out, the execution of the puzzle becomes this satisfying chain of movements and strategic enemy eliminations that makes us feel smart.

If I were to make a complaint, it's that it uses the same minimalistic graphical style and stock music of, like, 99% of Rob's puzzles. Maybe it's time for a change of presentation? I dunno.

I wanted to give this game a high rating, but compared to other perfect games you've put out like waller Roller and RRGGBB, it's just not nearly as good. While it works as a puzzler, and all of the obstacles do what you expect them to do when you first see them, the controls are not so praisable. It always made more sense to me that you would point in the direction that you're shooting if that's the only thing you can control, but here's it's counter-intuitive and you have to press the key OPPOSITE of where you want to fire. Many of the levels consist of a solid box with skulls on the four corners, meaning that if you hit the edge of the box, you're dead. In that case, why not remove the box and simply make the screen boundaries kill you!? And on top of that, there's the same jarring music and sound effects that can be heard in the rest of your games.

EDIT: The developer has fixed some things to this game and most of my gripes about it are no longer valid. This game has some pretty brain-busting puzzles, which is great to see because completing one level opens up the next three after it. There's even an option to invert the controls to the game, which in my opinion makes things so much easier to comprehend. I think it stands tall among Rob1221's other puzzle games now.

Rob1221 responds:

I've updated the game with an option to invert movement controls.