Reviews for "Geoplex - Empyreal"

Haven't reviewed a piece of yours in a long time :p
This is really happy-go-lucky, and I love it. since I'm going through the hell known as high-shool, hearing something happy is always nice! GJ ~Skiddle

Geoplex responds:

I definitely remember you. I hope the song lifted your spirits! :p

I love this song its very calm, something i can probably hear for 24 hours a day great work (sry for bad english its not my motherlanguage)

Geoplex responds:

Thanks! Your english is legible, do not worry :)

i want moar

I love this song

This is amazing!! I truly have no words to describe it. its so energetic fun and pleasant to listen. You always make great melodies in your tracks. You have never dissapointed me. Every new track you make is just love
for my ears!! I love you <3