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Reviews for "Ahsoka Tano's TF (Full)"

Don't. if you're gonna do stuff like this, turn on the don't receive awards option in the publish settings.
The animation is lazy, unfunny, pretty much is softcore porn, and doesn't deserve a daily first.

Chimera46 responds:

I am not in charge of handing out the awards, but it was a welcome surprise. If the powers that be want to take it back, they are welcome to it. I checked out all the boxes accurately with respect to content prior to upload, and it didn't get a mature rating. I actually went back and forth mentally on whether or not this SHOULD have an M rating regardless, but looking at it objectively, what's in here doesn't go beyond twerking music videos of the last 20 years.

As to the animation being lazy, I am just a hobbyist and do this for fun. I invite you to do better. As to humour, I laugh at this every time I watch it, and I am going to suggest to you that you clearly don't know what funny is.

Not funny and isn't nice to look at