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Reviews for "Ahsoka Tano's TF (Full)"


Kind of creepy and weird but I love her voice.

seems cursed but i like it

Chimera46 responds:

Accurate description.

Well I love the model of Ahsoka specially the outfit it's awesome, I do like the context, it is unexpected and I do love it if it's a shitpost like someone said before, not gonna lie I thought that something different was going to happen but I'm horny on main so don't mind me... Hope in the future we see a little of what the "Ahsoka Tano's Thiccness Fitness Twerkout Workout" (That rolls the tongue really nice) is about, maybe a litle demostration?

Chimera46 responds:

Thank you for the kind words and yes, if I pick up again the future there will probably be some more involved twerking and working out. Some more explicit stuff could happen too but that is not part of the immediate plan.

The next part I have in mind for this would probably be vader and some storm troopers talking about her newfound thiccness... and her onlyfans.

I’m loving the shitpost