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Reviews for "The Busty Creeper +"


JoSilver responds:

Hoo hoo hee.

This was not worth the 8 minute wait on my phone. Though sexy I never understood the purpose of a "game" that isn't very interactive, its more like a picture book style video than a game.
Edit. Well yeah the art was pretty good but for some reason when I searched game this popped up.

JoSilver responds:

But it not a "game". If newgrounds had an interactive section for non games it be there but it dont so...

Its about the art, did you like art or not?Causes thats the part I spent months working on, not the gallery.
Frankly I'm tired of hearing comments like this because it an image gallery, not a game.

Fuckin' loved it! I'm waiting till I get paid to download the standalone! Awesome stuff, man! :D

JoSilver responds:

Hey, glad to hear it. You work on something for a while and you worry that people will just hate it. Just knowing that at least one person enjoyed it makes it worth. Thanks.

„Oh mine Notch“
Looks like there are some explosively, bombastic bangings...
Looks fun in some kind X>

JoSilver responds:

bing, bang, boom!