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Reviews for "The Busty Creeper +"

Leave it to Miss to be the one VA to make me turned on by Minecraft R34

JoSilver responds:

She is a gem.

That's you gf targets, right there. If you don't give her such an explosive orgasm, you're doing it wrong.

What ruins the whole experience is the god damn flash file. Man, it's a couple of picture in succession, use renpy at the very least...

EDIT: As a programmer I know where you're coming from JoSilver, I used to love and use only Delphi, I even went seriously out of my way to make programming websites with it *actually* doable; but .net has evolved so far and wide beyond it that I would be auto crippling missing if I didn't move on.
Flash IS dead, don't waste your energy trying to give it CPR. Move on :3

JoSilver responds:

How dare you bad mouth my beloved flash. >:(

The text disappears way too fast. I'd prefer if it stayed up there until the scene changed, but to each their own. As it was, though, it was hard to read all of the text and actually comprehend it before it goes away. Other than that, great project!

Edit: Oh, duh. Thanks!

JoSilver responds:

Mouse over the top of the screen to make the text reappear.

oh so this is what they mean by "she`s all legs"

JoSilver responds:

She's got legs for days.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned