Reviews for "-Field of memories-"

I... I can't bel-, believe this...

Before I even became a newgrounds member, I loved listening to this song. Out of all of Waterflames' songs, in my opinion, is the best. It tells me of a warrior in a coma, suffering.
"He then wakes up and sees that he is in a battlefield of corpses of fallen soldiers. As he stands and starts to wonder about, he starts to remember his past. He then sees a soldier with a longsword in his heart. The corpse's facial expression rings a bell in the warrior's head. And then, he realizes, what has happened. It slowly emerged from his memories and remembers his duty. In a wild move, he knows it may be too late to accomplish his fate, but he knows what must be done. He makes a dash for his checkpoint, viewing the chaos that lay on the Fields of Memories and is suddenly ambushed by enemy scouts. He is attacked and suffers wounds and cuts across his armor; he managed to retreat from his assailants, but is badly injured. Everything starts to slow down, and then, with his clouded mind, notices an enemy platoon headed his way. He knew the inevitable and with his heroic courage and honor, begins to charge. The enemy is taken quite back, but manages to suffer a two-man casualty and defeats the lone man. The man's fevered mind goes through his entire life, everything going so fast. He felt nauseas, but then remembers a terrifying fact... he was a great bandit, pillaging villages and committing terrible crimes. He knew this one fact straight away... he was going to be known as a terrible being, filled with rage and sorrow. Everything then blacks out..."

That story in always in my head when I listen to this beautiful piece of music, no, ART...

Closing in dangerously fast...

To tunes like Race around the World, Glorious Morning and Space Pirates.
Keep up the pace mate.

PS: Norway Ftw :D


Theres just something about this song that makes me feel triumphant and just plain good. Keep this up.


I made an account today to review this..... Someone has to do something great with this.... It's.... amazing the talent you have.... One more thing..... Damn....

Amazing song!

I loved your Glorious Morning, so it's no surprise this song is amazing.
It's even better than Glorious Morning.
I love your blend of good notes and a good beat. 10/10.
Your songs make flash games so much better (I found this from playing Stick Wars).